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Paintings in detail ღ Pink roses


Artist Alexander Belozor is Ukraine’s first underwater painter.

"It is not only my environmental awareness that moves me. From the artistic point of view it is a serious impact into the development of art. Studying the underwater sphere I explore for myself and others the different laws of perception of sunlight by a human eye. This is a new and unexplored world for artists who paint in air sphere and study laws of refraction of light in the air. These personal discoveries are seen in artworks, because every scenery is a live impression of an artist who paints en plein air under water.”

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Zaria Forman creates Photorealistic Pastel Drawings: “The Maldives”


Tree of life screen, carved from stone, Sidi Sayyid mosque in the city of Ahmadabad (Western India).

Lotus ceiling, carved from stone, Eastern Rajasthan (Northeastern Madhya Pradesh), 11th-12th century, India.

Qutb Minar (قطب, क़ुतुब), Alai Darwaza, Qutub complex. Qutab, Mehrauli in Delhi, [Mamluk Dynasty]; India 1192 AD.